Own Skin Health needed an integrated campaign and a new brand voice, appealing to sophisticated,
self-directed women who value natural products (as long as they work). Our key insight was inspired by the main active ingredient,
which restores cellular processes that help the user’s skin renew itself. Active ingredient: you.


Nest makes well designed devices for the home. Get used to a thermostat that learns, a smoke detector that can
tell the difference between burining toast and a buring house and a drop cam that alerts you to all manner of life via your smartphone.
There was life with not-so-smart devices, and there there was Nest.

I had the pleasure, while a young creative at BBH, to introduce AXE to the U.S. market.
It was some of the most fun work I've done.
The campaign went on to win many awards including the Grand Effie.from lions to Effies. 

Hands down, this is my favorite non-profit organization. Many accomplished people—Denzel Washington,
Bill Clinton, Mohammed Ali, and Jack Welch, to name a few—give the Boys & Girls Clubs credit for setting them on the right path.
That's a pretty good foundation for a brand campaign.

I’ve been working with Smári Organic Icelandic Yogurt from the get-go, developing every aspect of their brand:
strategy, ID, packaging, logo, web site, advertising, you name it.
Now in Whole Foods stores nationwide. Try it; it’s awesome.Winner: CA Design Annual, The Dieline 

The folks at Corkscrew wines have a very unusual approach to winemaking.

They consider every wine an experiment in viticulture... they are the mad scientists at work in the fields of Sonoma.


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